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About Us

 The Law Office of Gregory S. Parvin

 Greg Parvin is proficient at navigating today’s complex legal environment.

From the beginning of his career, he has worked diligently to provide compassionate

and personalized attention to each case.  With two decades of legal experience and a well-earned reputation for skill, integrity, and personal concern, Greg is an accomplished lawyer with comprehensive knowledge of many areas of the law. He is dedicated to protecting his clients and seeing them through some of the most serious challenges of their lives. You will find him easy to talk to and work with and will soon realize that he always has your best interests at heart.

Everyone at our office appreciates the importance of your case.

We are ready to assert your rights aggressively and help you pursue the compensation that you deserve.


Why Hire Us? 


At the Law Office of Gregory Parvin we are guided by a singular belief: That access to competent legal representation is a fundamental right. When the unthinkable happens, we’re the office people call.


An unresolved legal matter can threaten your freedom, your financial security or your peace of mind. Our office will provide effective counsel to protect your rights and skilled advocacy to create focused solutions in areas that include criminal defense, DUI, personal injury, criminal defense, and civil litigation.


We work tirelessly to obtain the maximum possible recoveries for our clients while minimizing their stress. Call us today at (907) 376-2800 for a FREE consultation. 

About us...

A Law Is Valuable, Not Because It Is A Law, 

But Because There is Right In It. 

~ Henry Ward Beecher

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