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Dollar Notes

Fair Rates. Exceptional Service.

Depending on the case, we offer the option of an hourly rate or a flat fee for service. For personal injury cases, Greg works on a contingency fee basis, meaning that he is paid nothing unless he recovers money for you. Our office understands that often times legal emergencies arise when we are not prepared personally or financially. We will make efforts to work with clients so that they can afford top tier representation, even when difficult situations hit us unexpectedly.

*Sample Rates:

  • DUI - Starting at $3500

  • Personal Injury - Contingency fee, 33.3% to 40% 

  • Litigation - $250 to $400 an hour

* All rates and fees are subject to change based on individual circumstances. The above is meant to give prospective clients a general idea of costs associated with representation.

Contact our office today for a FREE 30 minute consult and we can discuss the fees involved upfront. 

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